Butterfinger Keto//OS Recipe

One of my amazing customers and friend Katie shared with me this recipe that literally tastes EXACTLY like a Butterfinger, not even joking, not a pretender, legit if Butterfinger wanted to make a drink it would taste like THIS. So GOOD. Here is the simple recipe! 12-14 oz water 1 tbsp Pbfit Splash of half […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! The best flavor EVER is BACK For today only!!!!!! Love is in the air and Pruvit has a special surprise for everyone to celebrate the love on valentines day!! To learn about the flavor watch my video CLICK HERE. It tastes like a sweet tart!!! Perfect balance of sweet and tart! I […]

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Start your 10 Day Experience! NEW Flavors!

Special experience for FEBRUARY!!! I am including our NEW flavors in your experience including the new HEART TART!!! Check out all the options to get started by clicking here.  Option #1 includes all flavors plus a couple of our NEW ones that aren’t yet available to the public! What’s Included in your 10 Day Ultimate kit? […]

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My Inspiring 74 Lb Weight Loss Journey Video

I just created an updated video with my complete transformation losing over 74 lbs, the struggles of ups and downs, experimenting with clean eating and dealing with a difficult diet cycle of losing and gaining and finally reaching my ultimate goal! Hopefully this inspires you to keep pushing forward towards your goals and to never […]

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