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There’s literally an option for anyone, any fitness level and any goal.  My personal favorites are Focus T25 and 21 Day Fix, because for me as a mom, my time is limited to workout, these two programs are quick being only 25-30 minutes and they deliver results fast.  I started with T25, got amazing results and then moved on to 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I suggest if you are a beginner, you start with 21 Day Fix or T25 and then move on to 21 Day Fix Extreme when your fitness improves, if you have an advanced level start with T25 or 21 Day Fix Extreme.

If you want to jump start your program, you can order your challenge pack with a Kick Start, 3 day cleanse system.  You would follow the cleanse first and then start your program. 

Any program you chose you will be added to my challenge group for all the support that’s provided with any system. Heres a full list of every challenge pack offered.


After ordering please send me a facebook friend request and message me to be added to my challenge group. Click Here to friend me.

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