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Team Beauti-fit
Team Beauti-fit

If you have been looking for a fun career, building your very own business, with no cap on earning potential working with a group that is fun and positive, you have come to the right place!

To join my team please fill out this application and I will contact you to discuss the options to get you started with us! to apply for a position on my team  click here!


 My Journey Becoming a Coach


When I first got started on this program,  I had no plans on ever actually coaching as a career, I just needed help losing weight and reaching my goals, I struggled for years and had a big goal ahead of me.  Then after 8 months of following this program and losing all my baby weight (plus an extra 25 lbs!) I had this amazing transformation and unintentionally became a walking billboard, I basically had tons of people asking me how I did it and how they can do it too.

That’s when I decided to give the coaching thing a try, i’m a stay at home mom and one of the wpid-image_20150520153607537_20150705125650518.jpglucky ones who left my full time career as a successful insurance broker to be a full time stay at home mom, our family is in position where I don’t “need” an extra income, this fell in my lap and because I fell in love with the program and what it can do for other moms and women like myself who also struggled and I wanted to help.

At first I signed up a few friends so they could get their own transformations too, it was so much fun helping them I branched out and started sharing my journey on social media and helping people I don’t know, I’ve made a lot of new friends in the process and what started as a fun hobby has transformed into a full blown career that brings in an income that is greater then my full time salaried position I had before kids, and I can do this from home and I work for myself, on my own hours as well as be present to watch my children grow up.  On my one year coaching anniversary I advanced to 2 Star Qualifying and became the top 25th in the north east region elite contender!  My goals are to build and train my team to become as successful as possible in this industry.

Coaching has transformed into a PASSION of mine, it gives me so much fulfillment and its fun to have something I do for me.  Being home with kids, my day is focused around diapers, and naps and play time, adding in the coaching career has given me back an identity separate from being a mom and it helps me earn an income and contribute to our family financially as well.

Could you be a coach like me?

wpid-20150627035029.jpgYou don’t have to be into fitness to be a coach and you don’t have to be in great shape either! All you need is to have the desire to work on your own goals and help others do the same.

We have many coaches who get their package and get started coaching at the beginning of their journey and many who start on the program and plan to coach when they get their results and get experience and feel comfortable with the system.  We also have coaches who have full time jobs and coach on the side with the goal of making it a full time income so they can leave their other job.

Whatever your goal we can help you reach it.  Team Beauti-Fit was created with my business parter and first coach I signed up Celina Turtle Price, together we have created a fun and positive group of girls, all working on building their own business as a coach, we help them learn how we’ve been successful and provide full training to get new coaches off the ground with our Beauti-fit Bootcamp and we also have a new Coach Kit that includes a blueprint to help you get started right as well as social media training!

What are a few benefits of coaching with Beachbody as a business?

  • 25% off Products and Programs!  including your monthly Shakeology shipment! When you buy as a coach, after the first challenge pack order the monthly shake will be $99 plus $15.95 coach business service fee (website hosting and customer service).  This gets you discounts on all products company wide.  You are not required to have shakeology to coach, but it is a benchmark if you would like to participate in lead programs.
  • Paid Leads! Beachbody is the only direct marketing sales company to give their distributors (coaches) commission on orders placed through their infomercials and directly from Beachbody.  This means when someone sees an infomercial and orders, they assign a coach and if that order had Shakeology included or if they ever buy any additional program, that coach receives full commission as if it was a personal sale as well as the residual monthly commission as long as they reorder Shakeology!  This is how Beachbody helps you build an income separate from your own sales.
  • No limit on income: This isn’t a get rich quick sort of thing, you are opening your own business, as with any business it takes an investment in time to build a successful career, if you’re willing to put in the time at the start, your income can skyrocket as you build your business. It all depends on your goals. I will say, coaching is addicting and you may find it hard to stop working! at least that’s been my experience.
  • High earning potential: You’ll make 25% Commission on all retail sales and residual income on Shakeology home direct customer orders. You will also earn bonuses on sales your coaches make or the sales from coaches we place in your team.  When we sign up a new coach we place them in your team so it will build your income right away. There’s also benchmarks and bonus programs you can reach to earn additional income, an example of this:  Every time you sell 5 challenge packs you receive a $100 bonus! Half of my income comes from bonuses and the other half is personal sales.
  • Fun way to lose weight, get healthy and help others do the same: Just as it was with me, when you lose weight people notice, they always ask how you did it.  You don’t have to have sales experience to sell the program, you just have to share your journey with the world. This is unlike selling candles or makeup in that it is a service and you wear your results.  I left the house one day last week and the only person I saw (my kids pediatrician) asked how I lost weight, and I just told her my story.  This is why getting started as a coach its beneficial if you also get a program started so you can work on your own results.
  • You don’t need worry about selling to your friends and family or small circle of friends!  The explosion of social media has provided opportunity to reach people all across the country, its an amazing tool, I had no friends before I started coaching (I was somewhat of a loner!) and just though the use of social media I sell packages to new people every day that ive never met and don’t know personally, these are people I’ve gotten to know and now I have TONS of friends and I love it.
  • You don’t have to host parties!  That means for us moms, no finding child care or arranging expensive marketing parties, this program is sold all online. If you like the party atmosphere you can host a shake n share and have a party sampling shakes, but you don’t have to do this and your success wont depend on this. I’ve never hosted a party.
  • You own your own business!  Beachbody handles all customer service, packaging, shipping and money processing.  You carry NO INVENTORY, You basically get to do the fun stuff with owning a business without any financial risk, you run your business how you want, work when and where you want and we’re here to help guide you to reach your goals and help you build your business.  Beachbody also provides you with websites and full training.
  • You’ll be a part of an AMAZING team:  All of your challengers will get added to our online group for support from all of us experienced coaches! We all work together to motivate and help your challengers reach their goals!  Our challenge group is like no other, we built it on a positive platform, it helps keep our challengers motivated in a fun and interactive way.  You will be apart of it all.

When you buy your challenge pack, you get a free coach enrollment, plus you save 25% on your monthly shake! You will get tons of training and support from me to help you build your business. I invest a lot of time helping my coaches get up and running.  Beachbody coaching can be anything you want it to be, full or part time, you work when you want, how you want. to learn more click here.





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