Core De Force TEST GROUP

Core De Force Test Group

With the launch of the brand new core de force kickboxing style workout my team is hosting a test group to help you stay committed to the full workout and to see what type of results are truly possible with this new workout program! we will be giving away awesome prizes and the group will be held in a free downloadable app where you can log in all your workouts!  To join us, fill out this application and I will send you more details and get you set up in the group!

15036242_327546214278580_2956347245822171465_nThe grand prize winner of our 30 Day Test Group will WIN a Leaf Bellabeat Health Tracker!!! – Yes, it’s a health tracker, but unlike any you’ve ever imagined. It was built to help you find your true, powerful, healthy, confident and amazing self. This little guy is like a personal assistant and a fashionable life coach all in one! You can check out our launch party to learn  more here!


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