Cost to have a coaching business


☆ Coach enrollment is FREE when you buy your own fitness and Shakeology challenge pack!

Or free for active duty Military and Spouses without purchase!

Buying your challenge pack as a coach also SAVES you 25% on all products including your monthly Shakeology. (Optional)

♡ Challenge packs start at $140 and include your first 30 day supply of Shakeology and your entire fitness program. The NEW All access challenge pack is the suggested way to start as you will have access to all the workout programs ever created and it will help you match your clients up with the package that is right for them.

☆ If you already bought a challenge pack in the past you can enroll for $40 and submit for a refund.

☆ If you want to enroll without purchasing a challenge pack it will be $40 to open your business. (Or free for active duty Military Spouses)

Starting in month 2 the ONLY required monthly cost to maintain your coach account is the $15.95 for website hosting and customer service.


》Monthly Shakeology: $97
Auto-shipped every 30 days for a new supply. You replace one meal a day.

(Shakeology is NOT a requirement to be a coach but by getting shakeology you become a product of the product and proof the program works, gain product knowledge and experience and have the opportunity to get company leads!)


We will help you learn how to increase your following on social media but one great way to invest in your business is by advertising with Facebook, this is an option to help you get immediate sales and increase your friends list right away.

Some coaches invest around $100 a month in advertising challenges in Facebook because they make this money back very quickly and the rest is profit, so it all depends on your goals with your business and how BIG you want to go as well as what your initial budget is to invest in yourself.

You don’t have to advertise, but if you ever see sponsored posts pop up in your news feed with challenges from other coaches, this is what they are doing.

**any money you invest into your business is a tax write-off! even your monthly shake can be written off at the end of the year! One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

** all pricing above is in US dollars

Video explaining this in more detail!

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