What is Intermittent Fasting?

What is an intermittent fast?  Well there are many different types but the most popular and the one I’m currently in love with is called a 16:8 Fast.  Which means you consume all your calories within an 8 hour window and fast for 16 Hours. It doesn’t only matter WHAT you eat but WHEN you eat it.

This can seem confusing but really its quite simple.  By doing this you are extending the period in which your body is burning fat for fuel.  It is recommended you follow a Ketogenic meal plan with this as while eating fewer carbohydrates and eating more fats and proteins your body will be running of a fat burning metabolism, basically turning your body into a fat burning machine. And with the absence of carbohydrates and increase in fat you are able to stay fuller longer without hunger.


There are many incredible benefits to following an intermittent fast not even related to weight loss, your body actually has time to clarify and detoxify your cells, it can help with the clarity of your skin as well as many other health benefits.

A 16:8 Hour fast literally means you eat within an 8 hour window every day and fast for a 6 hour window.  You can do this every other day or every few days or just on the weekends or you can do this every day!

Here’s a visual for you on how I am following intermittent fasting along with your ketogenic meal planning!!

Here’s a visual for you if you are following intermittent fasting along with your ketogenic meal planning!! Here is what I am personally following as a part of my ketogenic lifestyle:

Daily goal: 10% Carbs – 20% Protein – 70% Fat
Net carb goal: 30 grams net or less

In this example:

Fast between 8 pm to 12 Noon following day.

Meal 1: Shakeology + healthy fat { 1/2 an avocado and/or tap coconut oil }

Meal 2: full fat Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, drizzle olive oil, garlic grilled chicken (cooked in butter or oil)

Meal 3: Sirloin steak, mushrooms & sautéed onions cooked in butter and garlic with sour cream and jalapeños with 2 slices of provolone cheese.

During fast: coffee with added cream or milk is ok as long as all combined liquids are less than 50 calories so not to break your fast. Drink lots of water. Pre-workout is ok.

Tips to follow an intermittent fast:
1. If you get hungry have a cup of broth!
2. Any hunger you experience will be lessened every day! For me I had slight hunger on day 1 but it was gone by day 2.
3. Having coffee helps.
4. Workout during your fast period, ideally an hour before your first meal to maximize fat burning. Many athletes train while in a fasted state.
5. Drink Shakeology Every Day to help you get all the nutrition you need in whole food form, this will actually act to extend your fast if you have your shake the first meal and will help you remain full longer. Personally I love it to help me stay regular, which is also a common issue with fasting and it provides my body with magnesium and potassium which are important minerals especially while following a keto meal plan.
6. Drink plenty of water!!!
If you are just starting an intermittent fast or would like to join my group to get support you are welcome to! Fill out the form below to join us! Its free to join, as long as you aren’t already working with or have a beachbody coach! If you do have a coach currently we do have a member option I can send you details on.

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