Fat Fast To Break a Keto Plateau?- My Butter & Beef Results

This sounds crazy but I have seen all over pinterest this thing called a butter and beef experiment as a way to break a ketogenic plateau.

So I decided to give it a try, committing to 4 full days of eating only butter and beef… Well, I only made it 3 days and by the last meal on day 3 I ended up eating eggs instead.

Its just too hard to eat that much butter and beef for that long! However, in the 3 days of my experiment I got amazing results!!

So Here is how it works:

The macros break down to being very high fat, 80% Fat – 18% Protein and 1.4% Carbs. I modified this slightly because I wanted to see what my results would be if I included exogenous ketones in with the experiment.

Here is the traditional method:

Meal 1: Coffee & Butter Blended. (unsure of exact amount of butter, guessing 1 or 2 tbsp)
Meal 2: 1 Cup of 80% Lean Beef + 3 Tbsp Butter
Meal 3: 1 Cup of 80% Lean Beef + 3 Tbsp Butter
LOTS of water + Take a Multi Vitamin + Magnesium

Here is my modified method and what I followed:

Meal 1: Coffee & Keto Kreme
Meal 2: 1 Cup of 80% Lean Beef + 3 Tbsp Butter
1 Pruvit Keto//OS Max (Exogenous Ketone)
Meal 3: 1 Cup of 80% Lean Beef + 3 Tbsp Butter
LOTS of water + Take a Multi Vitamin + Magnesium

in 3 full days I lost 3.8 lbs!!! That was pretty astonishing to me.  I’m sure my results would have been similar if I followed the traditional method but the ketones make it so much easier and taste so good, mentally I think I needed them.   I prefer the Keto Kreme over just a regular fat coffee because of the extra vitamins and 3 types of MCT oil and 4 types of collegian this flyer explains more about this.  The Ketones aid in the transition of burning fat for fuel and make eating very low carb easier to follow, less cravings and more energy etc.

So after the 3 days,  I would say I was ready for regular foods again, the mental part of this whole thing was the hardest part, I really wasn’t hungry after day 1, my mood was amazing, I felt good, I just like food too much to lose that part of life! Even for a few days lol.

But it did what it promised to do, It helped me start losing again. Plateaus with keto come and go and It can be challenging to break through them. This is a good tool to use, I may try it again eventually.

I have had a few plateaus with Keto and initially I used the ketones to break my first extra long plateau, being that I had never tried them before, that worked amazing without having to change anything else from my keto lifestyle, at this point though, I have been drinking them for almost 5 months now after becoming obsessed, so it is natural to hit another plateau especially after all the cheats over the holidays.  So I needed to try something different to kickstart things again.

You can learn about my 10 day experience by clicking here in how I broke through my initial plateau with the ketones in which I lost 8 lbs with my 10 day experience.

Personally, I would definitely try the ketones first and then a beef fast secondary just because eating beef and butter for an extended period not only impacts your lifestyle (my husband missed having dinner with me!), it is challenging and takes mental determination,  it isn’t easy eating the same thing over and over.


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