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We run a NEW challenge the first Monday of every month! Each challenge is 4 weeks in length! to learn about the NEXT challenge coming up JOIN our Preview Event in Facebook by clicking here.  If you join BEFORE the next challenge starts you will be added to our current challenge which you can just jump right in with the other girls and you will be all set to start on the next one as well!!

Heres how it works and what will happen once you join:

Step 1:

You will take before photos (at the beginning) and after photos (at the end of each challenge) to help you stay accountable and to track your progress (you are not required to share these photos! Anything you share with us stays within the secret group and is never shared outside, but you must do this for your own journey)

Step 2:

You will be emailed a link to download the FREE my challenge tracker app which you can log in all your workouts and shakes as you go, this helps us see you are staying on track and helps you follow your program to reach your ultimate goal.

Step 3:

You will be added to our SECRET Facebook group with other women just like you! Everything shared in the group stays private in the group and none of your regular Facebook friends can see anything you post or comment on here.  This group is here to support you, motivate you and give you ideas on meal prep and planning. we have tons of recipes located in the groups photo albums.

Options to join

Option #1: Join free

If you already have a Beachbody workout program you are following (without a coach) you can make me, or a coach from Team Beauti-fit your free coach and join completely free!

Option #2: Join with the NEW All Access Challenge Pack:

With this option you will have access to every Beachbody workout ever created from your online account to stream from any Wi-Fi enabled device for a full year! I stream mine from my smart TV, its supers simple to set up and with this variety you can literally follow a different program every challenge we run!

The all access pass also includes a full cooking show to help you with meal prep and learning how to make the meal plan fit into your family life to make a lasting lifestyle change. Throughout the year Beachbody releases new workouts and you will have immediate access to these as they come out all included as well!

The All Access Challenge Pack Includes:

  • Your first 30 Day Supply of Shakeology
  • Portion Fix Meal planning guide book
  • A set of Portion Fix Control Containers to measure out your food following the plan
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • 12 Months unlimited access to all the premium workout calendars, programs and content in your online account, streaming workouts and nutritional support.
  • This package is at the New Year special release price of $199 (low price guaranteed through February) This is a one time charge and includes all of the above.
  • Your new 30 day supply of Shakeology will be set up on auto-ship, you can cancel your auto-ship anytime, even after this first package order, there are no requirements so you can do just the one month of Shakeology if you choose. 

Option #3:

Join with just the workouts: All Access Membership (without Shakeology)

The All Access Membership allows for the online workout access for 12 Months but does NOT include Shakeology. This membership is $99 for the year (no monthly charges).

Challenge Prizes

At the end of every 30 Day Challenge we will take the groups total workouts and nutrition logged and draw a winner! Winners are rewarded for their participation and accountability as we know not everyone has the goal of weight loss.

What happens AFTER the 30 day challenge?

If you go with the All Access Pass you can just jump right into our next 30 day challenge and pick a new workout from your workout library  to follow for this challenge or continue the program you followed for the first challenge!  You have the option to keep your Shakeology beyond the first month, however that is not a requirement to participate in our challenges.

Shakeology will help your overall results and staying on track. you will be able to join all or as many of  our challenges throughout the year! Here is the schedule of all challenges to come!

Step 4:

Your Transformation!! As a team, we are focused on helping you build confidence, feel better in your own skin and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  This program will help you make a lifestyle change that is realistic and will lead to maintaining your results for the long term!  This isn’t a fad diet, Shakeology is beneficial to your health even once you reach your overall goal and in fact, there are many people who get started on this program without the goal of weight loss just to improve their overall nutrition and health.  You are going to LOVE this! Congrats on your decision to get started! I am looking forward to working along side you as you reach your goals this year!

Ready to get started on a NEW lifestyle and a LASTING change?  Fill out this form and I will email you or package or help you join free!

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