21 Day Fix: Hawaiian Pizza

21 Day Fix Hawaiian Pizza
21 Day Fix Hawaiian Pizza

One thing i’ve learned on this journey to better health and following the 21 Day Fix to reach my goals is that making a WRAP pizza is the way to go EVERYDAY for lunch. I mean every day! This one is so juicy and good you’ll love it. This recipe is also VEGAN.



  • Whole Wheat Wrap
  • Fresh Spinach (measure about 2 green containers raw)
  • Sliced Fresh Pineapple (just  under a purple container full)
  • Chopped Red Onion
  • Victorias Tomato Sauce (or other low sugar option, look for 6 or less grams)

On your wrap, measure out about 2 tbsp. of tomato sauce and spread evenly to the edges preferably (to protect against burn) and generously layer your spinach to cover the whole thing.

You can now add your chopped onion and pop in the oven for 7-10 min. at 325 degrees and while that’s cooking sauté your pineapple until grilled.

About half way through the bake add your cooked pineapple evenly and cover any areas that may be over cooking on the wrap.

You can also add a 21 Day Fix Blue portion of cheddar instead of using spinach but this works for me if I want to use my cheese later in the day or to cut back on dairy and tastes just as good if you ask me.

Another option is to saute your onion with your pineapple to carmelize! these are so versatile.

(See my Grocery List to view my supplies I used for this recipe)

21 Day Fix: 1 Yellow + 1 Green + 1 Purple

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