What is the Income Opportunity As a Coach?

Building a business as a coach you are an entrepreneur, you own your own time and you call the shots! Our team is there to help you succeed in your business and we offer the tools to help your reach all  your goals.  Here’s an example of my own personal income progression with my business.  Keep in mind that everyone’s business is different and based on the time you put in as well as your ability to learn and grow through personal development it will make a difference in your business growth.

My First Month as a coach I made $607

One year later in the same month I earned $2,738

One year later for only ONE week I earned $2,378!!

You can how the income multiplies with time.  Also as you advance up into the star diamond levels you also earn Quarterly Bonuses.  here’s an example of the star diamond bonsues:

Your first year it’s going to feel like you work ALOT for very little pay income at first (in terms of trading hours for pay as we are used to with traditional jobs), your first year, you are busy building a following, building a brand, talking to lots of people and getting your own results. The first year your income will likely be around $10,000 to $20,000. Depending on how hard you work for your business. But know it’s going to take time and if you can push yourself and have faith to keep going you’ll do great.  My first year I earned $17,297.  I encourage you to not pay attention to your income the first year and just focus on that year as the foundation and any income is like the icing on the cake.

The second year income picks up speed and in most cases will be double or triple or quadruple what you made in year 1, because you’re cycle bonus volume will be picking up speed, you’ll have a legit following and maybe you’ll be holding a couple stars and earing company shares as well.  My second year my income was $36,253 basically doubling year #1.

Year 3 you have a stable team producing volume, maybe you have a second business center generating volume 3x for greater income potential. By now you’re likely multiple stars it all depends on the team you focused on in past years and developing leaders.  I am just going into my 3rd year, the first month of the year I earned over $8,000 as a 5 Star Diamond Coach, along with the star diamond bonuses as well as becoming a 2017 Elite top 200 coach my income is projected to be well into the six figures this year.

Year 5 get ready to sit on the beach and enjoy the fruits of your labor because if you went ALL IN from day 1 you have a serious business that is producing residual income all on its own, the domino effect of new teams forming from your initial team as it branches off picks up speed. You would also be holding multiple stars and earning company shares that are  around $60,000 every 3 months for 15 star diamonds, in addition to your team bonuses and regular sales commissions. It is common to be generating an income over $500,000 a year at that level all the way up to million plus a year depending on the team you built in prior years with training etc. Do you think the work in year one is worth it? I do! I went all in and worked REALLY hard. But it was all to build the foundation for my future success and stable income. Learning and focusing on growing as a person and leader is key. Do you think this kind of raise every year would be worth the effort at first as you grow your business?

2015 Independent Coach Earning Statement!!


As a coach your first goal will be to advance to Emerald

(you advance when you have 2 active coaches enrolled and you are active)

*most people order as a coach for the discount so even if these people aren’t building a business as a coach they can be a coach just to save 25% off their monthly shake and That will advance you. As an Emerald coach you begin earning team bonuses or rolling over the teams volume so you can cash it in later when your business grows. This is the goal within the first few weeks of your business.

most people skip this rank, for this rank you would need 2 of your coaches to advance to emerald plus have 2 additional coaches enrolled under you. Typically coaches to right to diamond after emerald.

This is your goal in the first 3 months as a coach. Two of our coaches recently advanced to diamond in 30 days!! We have training to do this!

To become diamond you need: 2 of your coaches enrolled to advance to Emerald, plus an additional 6 coaches for the discount or to coach. Plus you need to be active yourself.

when one of your own coaches you enrolled becomes a diamond you earn a star! These go all the way up to 15 stars!!

At the 2 star level and above there are additional bonuses!!!

Incomes in this image are a combination of retail commissions, coach enrollment bonuses, team cycle bonuses and star diamond bonuses. There literally is no cap on earning potential. If you work hard and do the training and are consistent you can build your business to any level!


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