Keto Kalm – Tester

Today I got to try the DELICIOUSNESS of Chocolate Keto Kalm from our new Keto//Tea Collection…

Here is what it tastes like – A CREAMY HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! I am not even joking! How is this even keto legal??? This is so GOOD, too good to even be true.  And it is loaded with KETONES.

I have no idea why they call this tea,  because for sure this tastes like a creamy hot chocolate than a hot tea, it comes in a powder (that smells like heaven btw) that you shake or stir with hot water, I also added a splash of half n half and topped with whipped cream…OMG perfection! This is AMAZING on a cold winter day like today!

This Tea is currently still in the prototype stage and isn’t available on the pruvit website yet,  however I have stocked up on samples for you to test it out!

To order your single serve Chocolate Keto Kalm Click Here and try this deliciousness while I have it in stock!

This is exclusive and isn’t available to the general public yet!

To order a 5 Serving kit with free shipping Click Here.

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