The Keto Experiment!

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I’m running a KETO EXPERIMENT in which I am following a ketogenic meal plan and I have a free group set up to help others learn how to do this as well!

Curious to understand the science behind following a ketogenic meal plan as well as if it is actually beneficial to health to increase your fat intake? Check this out: 23 Independent studies on Low fat / Low calorie vs. High Fat/ Low Carb.

This type of meal plan has worked so well for me in the past but this is the first time I am also incorporating intermittent fasting in with it!

After EXTENSIVE research here’s EXACTLY how I will be doing my KETO experiment following Intermittent fasting:

So here’s the thing, it doesn’t ONLY matter WHAT you eat but WHEN you eat it. After researching intermittent fasting i’ve decided to do 16:8 fast meaning I will be eating 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours every day. Which seems hard right? Not while in ketosis and using fat for fuel. Hunger basically stops shortly after beginning this. For me i was hungry in the morning on day 1 and 2 but on day 4 of intermittent fasting I could go longer than 16 hours.  This is not the same as starving yourself because you are still eating the same amount of calories in the day you are just eating them in larger meals and not spreading them out, so your body has specific feeding time and burning time.
This literally turns your body into a fat burning machine. Watch out world I’m about to enter into the promised land of my ultimate goal.

Here’s what I’m doing (by the way, I’m creating a complete documentary with results and recipes and review at the end! and this is just how I am following it, you could modify this by not doing the fasting part or by having more or less net carbs a day)

So here’s my KETO Experiment:

? Eating a specific number of net carbs or less per day
Net carb = total carbs – Fiber
Example: 17 grams of carbs – 6 grams of fiber = 11 net carbs)
? Intermittent fasting (It doesnt only matter what you eat but when you eat it!!! Still eating the same amount of food in the day, just strategically eating in specific time frames)
?Workout at 5:30 am (30+ minutes variety of cardio/strength training in my All Access Virtual Gym)
?Green Tea or coffee is ok while fasting (as long as total calories is less than 50 calories the fast wont be broken)
? Shakeology has 11 net carbs, I will drink this as my first meal (this has vital nutrients that will aid in my body following a plan restricting higher sugar and carb containing fruits to make sure I get all my micronutrients, having this as my first meal almost extents my fast because after that shake I am still good to go another couple hours before eating a full meal. It’s low glycemic and I know from testing my ketones it doesn’t effect my ketosis, it will only aids results. I prefer Chocolate as the other flavors usually taste better with more mixers, chocolate is really good with just ice and water and LOVE it with Coconut oil! it reminds me of a coconut girl scout cookie! Which also helps when eliminating sugars and deserts and sweet food, it takes care of that craving!

Heres an example meal plan following this plan:

I LOVE that eating within the specific window will literally work with my hormones so my body is running on burning stored fat (literally turns into a fat burning machine) and then low carb the rest of the day!! If you join below I will teach you how to do this!
Watch out world you’re about to witness something incredible! I CAN’T wait to share my results with you! .
When you shift from burning carbs as your primary fuel source your body burns fat for fuel, this is why weight loss is significant, it’s as if you are literally pulling fat off your body during your workouts and all day.


My update for DAY 10!!! Not only have I LOST 9 lbs in the last 10 days following this plan but I also lost 13.5 Inches!!! woah i’m only 1/3 away from finishing my 30 day Keto Experiment and I already have insane results!! I am so EXCITED to show you these before and after results at the end of this!

2 Week Update!! Check out my results from just two weeks on this meal plan!!!


Heres an example of how I am following an Intermittent fasting schedule:


*Before starting this or any weight loss plan please consult a physician.

Above is an example of my own personal grocery list!! I am eating real fresh foods, and actually when I leave the house if I want to bring a snack along I need a cooler! But that is a good sign that the foods I am eating are REAL and not processed and chemically altered for shelf life.  Sugar additives and convenience foods are out but real foods are in!  I have a full grocery list set up in my keto Experiment so you can learn how to follow this plan perfectly, see below for details.

My 30 Day Keto Experiment Results are IN!!!!!! – I lost 12 lbs and 17 inches!!! I feel INCREDIBLE! I have so much energy and honestly I LOVE my keto life, I love eating bacon every day (I mean seriously) I’m never hungry (and if I am, I eat!) I don’t have to track my macros anymore because I just know now, its really simple to follow this plan in my life and I am really looking forward to the future, I intermittent fast whenever it feels natural, somedays I wake up hungry so I don’t fast that day!  This is the first summer I will be able to confidently wear a bikini, I cant wait for my 60 and 90 day results! I am by no means perfect or at my goal but I am one step closer and so thankful I went back to the keto lifestyle from fix meal planning.  My skin has improved from all the healthy fats and intermittent fasting does an incredible job with healing and regenerating cells, you can see my skin naturally tightened and my stretch marks have improved.

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