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Learn how to build an online fitness business as a Beachbody coach! Our team recently hosted a sneak peek live opportunity call (recording is above) with a slide show presentation to show you all the benefits and getting started building your very own business as a coach!  If you would like to join our team please fill out this application and scroll down to learn more!

Some of the info covered in the coaching sneak peek video above or click the links below to learn more!

What is the cost to run a coach business?
♡ How to utilize social media to build a brand as a coach!
♡ How we coach people and what products we offer them.
♡ How is coaching different from other opportunities to work from home?
♡ Do I need inventory?
What is the income opportunity?
♡ do I need to be at my goal or in great shape to be a coach?
♡ Do I have to know a lot of people?
♡ Day in the life of a coach and how we balance life and business
♡ How to get started and what to do as a new coach!

Team beauti-fit is a fast growing team filled with positive, fun ladies (and now a mens branch!)

Team Beauti-fit is officially an Elite 2017 Team! Ranked #124  in the Top 200 of the entire organization of over 500,000 coaches!


The really cool thing about coaching is through personal branding and utilizing social media your reach expands all over the US and Canada! You will have full training and access to our teams boot camp & Coming soon training website to help you get started right following step by step methods and learn how to use Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to build a business helping others from home!

Some coaches on our team have surpassed their husband’s full time salaried income (some have doubled their husbands income!) without leaving home or needing childcare. Some coaches are hobby coaches and some are career coaches, whatever YOUR individual goal we can help you achieve it.


Do I have to be in shape or a fitness expert to be a coach?

You do NOT have to be in shape or at your goal to build a business inspiring others to live well! Coaching is also great accountability for your own goals! You just have to want to improve your health and inspire and motivate others to do the same!  Some coaches actually  use the business side of the opportunity as accountability to sticking to their program and reaching their goals! When you have people watching to see your results it will motivate you to push yourself, I know for me the business has given me a reason to stay fully accountable and by sharing my recipes and results as I go it helps me stick to my own personal fitness goals without cheating or giving up! If you have struggled with starting and losing motivation, the coaching opportunity might be the perfect solution to help you fully commit to yourself.


You also don’t have to be a fitness or nutrition expert (although if you do have a nutrition or fitness background, coaching offers an amazing opportunity for you to use those skills to build a successful following)  The packages we offer include everything  needed to provide full nutritional support and a home workout developed by celebrity trainers, so your goal as a coach is to help your challengers stay motivated to following the system. It is very rewarding to help people not only get starting on reaching their goals but see them all the way to their ultimate goal!

To Join Click Here.



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