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There are a couple ways to get started on reaching your goals with me as your free coach!  You could join us with a meal plan and workout challenge pack if you need a tailored plan developed for your goals to help you learn portion control and clean eating as well as providing a workout DVD system and Shakeology by clicking here,

OR you can join free without purchase! If you would like to join us without making a purchase, or if you already have a Beachbody program you are using without a coach, please follow the directions below! You’ll be added to my challenge group and welcomed into all our monthly challenges!


I love what I do, and I LOVE helping other moms get great results losing weight and becoming super healthy and fit, because I know the struggle myself and I have been where you are, before this program I was over 70 lbs heavier and needed help, I use what I’ve learned from my own journey to help thousands of other moms reach their goals by following this simple system.

We’ve been through a lot to get to this point and when you are ready to make a lasting lifestyle change and move in the direction of reaching your goals you don’t have to do it alone!

I have over 1,000 girls all working on their goals in a private Facebook group and we run monthly challenges to help everyone stay motivated and give away awesome prizes! I also run a mobile app challenge where you can log in all your workouts and nutrition for a fun virtual challenge group!

I look forward to being apart of your journey! – Ashley


Here’s what you’ll get by joining in addition to me as your coach… oh, and its all FREE!

Clean eating meal planning grocery lists and recipes!
Online streaming of hundreds of workouts from fun dance to intense resistance training if you need a workout with Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Fitness level options!
Printable journal trackers and meal planners!
Secret all women’s group for accountability and support!
Awesome prizes awarded at the end of each challenge for the best results from the challenge!

All from home! All FREE!

You can make me your FREE coach by filling out this form,  if you are already doing a Beachbody workout and meal plan program without a coach or group to support you by filling out this form you will be added to all my groups for support with your current program and I will be added as your free coach!

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