How to make a vision board

c92e7b0f779ed8aabc4137f1145b0f60Sometimes it takes more mind power to help us follow through with reaching our goals in life, vision boards are a great way to help you get a clear idea on what your goals are and what you want to accomplish and are a successful tool in helping to visualize the end result.  In this video I give my tips on how I use vision boards to reach my goals and how to make one that will be successful in manifesting your goals into reality. Positive thinking and positive affirmations make a huge difference on the direction of moving towards our goals or away from them.  Specifically for weight loss and confidence goals, these are a few examples of my own vision boards, everyone has different goals and different images will motivate everyone differently, use my boards as an example of how to use positive affirmations and images  to motivate you to stay on track to reaching your goals. 064ff272ca8b2ec8c5fa2bf8decb98bcaa1b0967b5140d587ea94e9917ad3601

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