The Beauti-fit Members Club

Welcome to the exclusive Beauti-fit Members Club!

By joining our private club you will gain access to our teams support as if you were our own personal challenger without having to switch coaches or leave your current team or if you are located in a country that is not open to being connected to a coach!

This opens our support and challenge group to those who already have a coach or who are currently a coach from another team but would like to receive additional support from us!  You will be added to all of our challenge groups and get all the same support as all of our challengers!

As a Beauti-fit Member you will have a chance to win prizes every month within our challenges and if you choose, be apart of our mobile app challenges.  You will also have the option to to be included in The Keto Experiment which we will provide you with a guide on how to follow a ketogenic meal plan and integrate it with your shakeology, how to count and track net carbs, learn about micros and macros and intermittent fasting with a series of videos / files and documents within the challenge group! We are there to help you perfect your day and get RESULTS.

One Year Beauti-fit Membership – 12 Months

We run challenges every month (starting on the first monday of every month)  and you will be included in all of these for an entire year!!!

If you would like to join us as a Beauti-fit Member, you will get a 12 month pass for a one time subscription of $40!!  

We provide gifts and prizes for our challengers throughout the year and since you have a coach outside our team this is how we can now provide support for coaches and challengers to join and participate with us instead of turning them away.   By launching this member option you can now join us and get all of the support we offer to our challengers without leaving your current coach!  

This is a one time charge with the option to renew in 12 months.  (you will not be charged beyond this unless you request to next year)

As a Beauti-fit Member you will get:

  • Unlimited access to join every challenge we host throughout the year. Our challenges start the first Monday of every month and run for 4 week intervals.
  • A chance to win insane prizes every month just for being accountable in the my challenge tracker app and reaching your goals!
  • Included in our Keto Experiment (if you wish!)  and provided all the details on how to follow a ketogenic meal plan with details on intermittent fasting.
  • Included in our main challenge group where a different coach from our team hosts a 30 day challenge each month! The majority of the girls in this group are following the portion fix meal plan.
  • Exclusive guides and support material as they are created throughout the year.
  • The support of a team who wants nothing but to see you succeed in reaching your health goals without having to leave your current team or coach!  You will be treated just the same as all of our challengers and they will not know that you have a coach outside our team!  As a member, you can say I am your coach within our groups to avoid confusion and I will take you under my wing as my own!

Ready to join? Click Here to set up your account and subscribe.

Your Beauti-fit membership is non refundable and will begin the day after your payment is submitted. Group Guidelines:  We monitor our groups very closely, If you are a business building coach, you can not promote any personal challenges, free or paid or provide links to any of your own websites, or send a friend request to any of our challengers.  This is not a place to promote or find prospects. The Beauti-fit Member option is created to support YOU in your journey to reaching your health goals and get the support of our team. Thank you for respecting our guidelines, if you are found to be promoting to anyone within the group / switching challengers to you as their coach your account will be permanently terminated and you will forfeit the remaining months in your membership.

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