Options to Order

I am So excited you are ready to order your new Challenge pack and get started with a program you will LOVE! You are getting an incredible package to help you take control of your health and make a lasting lifestyle change and that is beyond EXCITING!
Before I send the order link to your email, please let me know how you would like to order! You have a couple options, both options you can do just the one month of Shakeology, simply by cancelling before your auto-shipment is shipped! (they will email you one week before the next shake ships, so you wont forget!) You will get $3 shipping with both options!

Option #1 Customer Challenge Pack

First Order:
  • Challenge Pack – First month of Shakeology + Workout

Following months:

  • 30 Day Supply of Shakeology: $130/month

Option #2 (Discount) Coach Challenge Pack Save 25%:
First Order
  • Challenge Pack – First month of Shakeology + Workout (Same initial price as customers)
  • Coach Business Account: FREE

Following months:

  • 30 Day Supply of Shakeology: $97/month
  • Coach Business: $15.95/month

{ Monthly TOTAL for the above: $115.97 per month }

With  your Challenge Pack order, you have the option to enroll FREE as a coach (you don’t have to use the coach business and you don’t have to coach anyone, unless you wanted to! We have tons of training and resources for you click here to learn more about the coaching opportunity,  but that’s more of a benefit not a requirement) with this option you will save 25% off your following months shake!
You can still cancel the after this first package, there are no requirements.  This will get your next months shake for only $97 plus $15.95 instead of $130 for customers.
if you order as a customer, later on to switch over to coach it would cost $40 for the enrollmnet or you could order an entirely new challenge pack to get the free enrollment,  most people enroll as a coach with their initial challenge pack, even if they never plan to use the business side or coach anyone so they will be all set to get the discount in month 2!

30 Day Guarantee!
BOTH options include a 30 day guarantee! which means if you don’t LOVE it, even if you drink all the shakes this first month you can return the empty shakeology container to be refunded fully (less shipping)

If you ever decide to cancel your shake, you would just cancel the shake and coach together on a simple online form, even after this one package you can easily cancel if you decide not to continue the shake into month 2, If you order the All access challenge pack, your ALL ACCESS membership will remain active throughout the following year regardless if you cancel your coach account or shakeology.

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