Assistant Position Available

Looking to work with a fun group of women from home with flexibility?
I founded Team Beauti-fit two years ago with my business partner Celina Turtle Price this coming February, we are a team of mainly women, most are stay at home moms, as my business is growing rapidly I am at the point where I need to hire an assistant to help me organize and balance life.
This will be a fun position and you will have an opportunity to grow with us as we grow! You will be working from home and time is flexible.
The perfect person for this this position needs to also mesh well with myself and my team as we will be working closely together.
Assistant position qualifications:
• Creative – design or artistic background preferable with a good app learning capability, must be able to design images and have a good design sense.
• General understanding of Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube a plus.
• Trustworthy and honest.
I prefer to work with those that are easy going but goal oriented, works well and handles pressure well, doesn’t get overwhelmed easily and is able to meet deadlines. Also it is very important our personalities mesh well!!! I need someone who will be a great addition to my team and who is positive with an optimistic personality!

This is a position where you will be working from home and will be flexible, the person needs to be available throughout the day for projects and support but can work on tasks whenever they fit it into their day.

Tools you will need for this position: a smart phone and computer, ios capability preferable (like an ipad or iphone) a printer also preferable.

♡ This is a FUN job, you’ll basically be taking all the non production, administrative activities off me so I can focus my time on the stuff that will lead to the greatest success for my team.

 To be considered for the position:
1. Please fill out this application!
2. So you can get an idea of who we are as a team and how my business works please also join my teams sneak peek event (you will be redirected to that page right after submitting this). It is important that this position is perfect for you too! Our sneak peek will help you learn more about who we are! Your assistance will also be needed to help run future events like this so its a good example for you, design wise, we do a new image every month for the sneak peek.
3. I would also like to add you to my challenge group so you can get a feel for how it works. (I will send you a friend request after seeing you join the sneak peek from this form and add you to those groups) you can also friend me by clicking here.
If you look at our team page you will see the posts I’ve made on my page as well as on my team page, for team recognition and design elements, my assistant will be asked to create banners monthly for me like this as well as run reports etc. in excel.  IOS capability is a plus (iPhone or ipad) as most of the design programs I use follow these systems.
The skills necessary for the position:
  • People person, easy going and fun personality (we are a team of women and work really well together, my assistant needs to have similar qualities and not get overwhelmed easily and is easy going but also is goal oriented and is a hard worker.  Able to meet deadlines.
  • Artistic capabilities is a must for this position, if you are creative or willing to learn simple design apps, I will need your help making images for my challenges and for our team.
  • General Microsoft Excel Knowledge
  • Flexible daily schedule (there won’t be set hours but I will need someone who is able to help me as need be and sometimes on the weekends)
Interviews will start in the middle of January into February to find the perfect person! Compensation will be discussed with the interview process.
To avoid conflict of interest: To be considered, I would prefer not to hire an active distributor to another health and wellness company or currently a coach with another Beachbody team.

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