Preparing for 21 Day Fix

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In any workout program, planning ahead is a critical point of success. Here are some things you can do before starting 21 Day Fix to ensure that you stick to the program and get the results you want. One of the best indicators of success is having a support system to back you up with accountability and daily motivation and inspiration.  When you get started you will be added to our exclusive facebook group to get full support with your program.  Friend me to join.

 How to Prepare:

MEAL PLANNING Checklist for 21-Day Fix

● Read the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan book from cover to cover. It will help explain the container counts and how to tally your foods Figure out your calorie level (page 4 of the 21-Day Fix Eating Plan book)

● Think of things you can cook ahead of time to either freezer, containerize, or eat later.

● Create your menu plan based on healthy foods you enjoy. We have lots of recipes available to you in the group when you get started as well as tons of daily tips and ideas to help you.

● Create your shopping list, You will be provided with our exclusive list of must have foods on a budget and grocery list when you start and build it off of that based on the types of food you enjoy. Your kit will also include a guide for your shopping list. I love the square stacking containers you can use to prepare multiple meals at once.

● Get your 21-Day Fix snacks ready. Corresponding colored baggies can be found at Target and Walmart to pre-measure and store snacks.

● Create a binder to log all your food for the day or download one of the many free android or iphone apps.  I like to use this system for tracking my day.

● Figure out your scheduled time to plan your 30 min. workout and write it into your calendar.

●Take your before photos (I use a timer on my phone) front back and side to side.

●Take your start measurements.

Equiptment Needed:

For regular 21 Day Fix, you will need to pick up light and heavy weights and its suggested you get a yoga mat.  for 21 Day Fix Extreme, you will need light, and heavy weights, a resistance band and its also suggested you get a yoga mat.  I picked mine up from Target.

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