21 Day Fix: Roasted Onion and Spinach Wrap


21 Day Fix  Approved!

I needed to add more green containers in my day as I’ve been short daily and came up with this recipe that turned out to be AMAZING.

Green = 2
Yellow = 1
Orange = 1

Roasted Onion and Spinach WrapI chopped a small red onion and sautéed In a non stick skillet with a little cooking spray, added about 3 cups of spinach when the onions were roasted and carmelized. Added to my whole wheat wrap and drizzled Bolthouse honey mustard. Grilled the wrap rolled up, PERFECTION

I can’t put my finger on what this reminds me of but it is AMAZING. would be really good with mushrooms too!!

Roasted onion spinach wrapRoasted Onion and Spinach Wrap


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