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Save 25% off ShakeologyMany people choose to buy as a “discount” coach JUST for the discounts.  There’s no requirement to coach and you can cancel the program anytime.

I had no plans on ever coaching when I originally bought the system, I purchased my program as a “discount coach” from a friend to get the best price and only decided to coach after using the program for 7 months and falling in love with the support and helping others, but you NEVER have to coach or promote any products if you buy as a coach.

Usually we only offer this to family and close friends but I am opening up this offer to EVERYONE who gets started with me as a way to help them afford the amazing benefits of Shakeology on a monthly basis.  Most coaches would require you to coach if you buy as a coach, but not me!  You can start on the program as a coach and even if you decide to cancel after your first shipment you can do that really easily.




  • First challenge pack (fitness and shake combo)  is the same price if you order as a coach or a customer starting at $140
  • The monthly auto-ship of Shakeology will be set up to save 25% every month after the first. So the regular price of $129.95 comes down to $99.
  • You will also save 25% off ALL future workouts or products from Beachbody, simply by logging in, all of your prices will adjust to reflect the discount!
  • After the first month the monthly coach business center fee of $15.95 a month will be charged. (can be cancelled if you ever cancel your shake)
  • Total Monthly Cost: $99 plus $15.95 (cancelled anytime)


Step 1

Click Here to sign up with the free coach enrollment, once completed, all challenge pack options will be available for you.   Select your shake flavor (my favs are vanilla or chocolate) and workout option and process the order. Every challenge pack is a different price, prices will be displayed on this screen before they ask for payment method.  its THAT simple.

Step 2

Friend me and message me in facebook to be added to the private facebook group for support with your program and daily motivation and recipes.  Just tell me you ordered as a discount coach and would like to be added to the group.

If you would like information on actually coaching as a business, you can learn about that opportunity by clicking here.


Cancel Anytime (No fee to cancel! No minimum requirements) If you decide to cancel your Shakeology shipment and coach enrollment you can do so anytime by emailing:, provide your coach ID number (emailed to you after order) and request to cancel both or by calling 1 (800) 240-0913


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