The Virtual Gym

The All Access Pass is my fit mommy secret! I don’t need child care, I don’t need expensive gym memberships, I literally have a virtual gym in my living room! And I can pick from hundreds of workout packages based on my specific fitness level and goals, as I progress I can move on to more challenging programs! Honestly this has been a game changer in my life. (and bonus! my husband uses my account every day to workout with me!!!)

How does it work?  You pick your package!!! Its that simple! Within 24 hours all workout programs will be unlocked in your account to start streaming!!! This includes FULL workout programs like 21 Day Fix, Country Heat, P90x, Insanity just to name a few!! ALL of them plus all new releases as they come out.

Here are your options:

The All Access “Virtual Gym” Challenge Pack (on sale for $160): 

CLICK HERE to get started with the All Access Challenge Pack!

This package Includes:

  • Your first 30 Day Supply of Shakeology
  • Portion Fix Meal planning guide book
  • A set of Portion Fix Control Containers to measure out your food following the plan
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup
  • 12 Months unlimited access to all the premium workout calendars, programs and content in your online account, streaming workouts and nutritional support.
  • This package is  $199 regularly on sale for $160! This is a one time charge and includes all of the above.
  • Your new 30 day supply of Shakeology will be set up on auto-ship, you can cancel your auto-ship anytime, even after this first package order, there are no requirements so you can do just the one month of Shakeology.
  • VIP membership in my challenges, you can join any of our challenges to win prizes as you reach your goals!! You also have the option to be added to our exclusive Keto Experiment where you will learn all about Micros and Macros with a complete beginners guide on how to change your metabolism to burning fat for fuel! If you are following a ketogenic lifestyle this is the preferred package as Shakeology will help you balance your micros and get all the nutrition your body needs in whole food form without all the carbs of literally eating 70 fruits and veggies!

All Access Stand Alone 1 year “virtual gym” Membership ($99):

CLICK HERE to join with this package.

This package includes:

  • Includes one year streaming to all of the workouts plus downloadable content, cooking shows and recipes to help you! You will be able to access each program along with their meal plans and workout calendar to follow!
  • Plus added to all of our monthly challenges and option to join the keto experiment as well!

Not sure which option to pick?  Fill out this form and I’ll help you decide! Also Check out our facebook LIVE webinar which explains our challenges and  how they work along with more details on getting started! Click Here.

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